Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Morning New Post :)

This one's dedicated to Tingu :) cheers! I happened to bang into her at the station today. Here's our conversation in verbatim. (some portions have been deleted due to my partial loss of memory and to keep people from reporting this post as inappropriate.)

S : M, your blog's!
(silence) ( M looking away)
S: I'm saying something!
M: yaa.
S: Why are your blog's so sad?
M: Main tragedy queen hoon yaar.
S: Kya tragedy queen. M, please, it's high time.
M: Yaa, I'm alrite.
S: Kya alrite, bich bich mein jatke lagte hain kya?
M: (subdued smile).
S: You need another M, like I needed one some time back!

After this I was silent. We spoke about other things. On my way to office I thought "You need another M, like I needed one some time back"! Shit! What am I doing! I am M! I am M!

I think I want to be the Pied Piper again. It's time I drive the rats out of Hamelin! The town of Hamelin needs me. There are a whole of lot of rats there that need to be driven out. It's time I play my pipe again.

"Into the street the Piper stept,
Smiling first a little smile,
As if he knew what magic slept
In his quiet pipe the while;
Then, like a musical adept,
To blow his pipe his lips he wrinkled,
And green and blue his sharp eyes twinkled.
Like a candle-flame where salt is sprinkled;
And ere three shrill notes the pipe uttered,
You heard as if an army muttered;
And the muttering grew to a grumbling;
And the grumbling grew to a mighty rumbling;
And out of the houses the rats came tumbling.
Great rats, small rats, lean rats, brawny rats,
Brown rats, black rats, gray rats, tawny rats,
Grave old plodders, gay young friskers,
Fathers, mothers, uncles, cousins,
Cocking tails and pricking whiskers,
Families by tens and dozens,
Brothers, sisters, husbands, wives,
Followed the Piper for their lives.
From street to street he piped advancing,
And step by step they followed dancing,
Until they came to the river Weser,
Wherein all plunged and perished!"

So welcome life and goodbye fear,
I swear by joy loud and clear,
Goodbye grief, meet you soon again,
For now let life upon me rain,
Let me breathe, let me bring light,
There's a new world waiting, yet out of sight!

To end with:
Fate and I are like inseperable lovers. We alwyas fight, not once doubting the other's victory and not once regretting it!


jc said...

You remind me of Reese Witherspoon...

perivamsi said...

S can't say that considering her blogs are ultra sad! :)

Meghna said...

@ vamsi: I so agree, i thot of dat also!