Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I 'Hear' my Cell Vibrating

My Nokia 1100, blue in color with a green screen, has served me for the last 4 years now. (Gosh, which 22 year old would use the same cell for 4 years! Yes, I know I'm wierd) . It's a nice cell, you know, the kinds which stays. It's small, simple and cute. I had even tied a friendship band to it in college. So the deal is that when I'm in office I keep my cell on my desk and its always on vibrate mode. The best part is that I don't feel the vibrations, I hear them. The sound is like this "dhunwaaaayyyy, dhunwaaaayyyy". Not exactly that but close. So it's kind of wierd that I listen to it vibrating. I mean, its not the wierdest things, but quite wierd nevertheless. I like my phone, you know, really like it. My friends make fun of it. Most of them. It's skin is half torn off but I like my phone. A lot. It's a nice phone.

It has introduced me to so many new people, and kept me clinging on to so many old ones. It has almost grown to carry exprssions on it's face. Maybe one day it'll talk to me. I like my phone. Even at night I sleep with it. It's a real nice phone yaar.

NOTE: This is my third post for the day. It either means I'm damn excited or damn depressed. Anyway what day is it today? But you know what, I like my phone yaar, really, I'm serious, I really like it. It's a nice phone.


Kris said...

i know...my phone lasted me 3 eyars before i donated (sorry, gifted) it to my bro. it had a plasticky vibrate...a very flat sound, something like the 1100's.

the new one has a very metallic vibrate. it's almost musical. i love it. but i love my ringtone more :P

Anonymous said...

Hey u knw wat, join the weird-club... :)
even I used my Motorola C300 for 4 short yrs. :D, though it's not with me anymore. I miss my C300 :(

- Gags