Friday, August 22, 2008

Pins, Passwords etc.

2343, 7684, 3221, 2plats, eightthirtyone etc etc. No honey thats not gibberish, they're all my pins or passwords. Unfortunately, as a computer science student I have been educated on how and why a password should be and should'nt be. Blah! I feel this pressure everytime a password expires and I have to change it. It's like writing an exam and abiding by the rules of "an ideal password"! To add to all the pains, wipro expects its employees to change their passwords every 45 days!! What the hell! Bhude!


Kris said...

it's even worse for me:

Nikhil said...

yar u r a VJTI alumnus. u can remember loads of data(exam syllabus). remembering password is nt a big deal for people like u.