Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dream, Dracula and Myself!

I was running, panting, hard! I didn't want to look behind, as if that would alleviate my fear! I ran with all the strength I had. The night was lit only by the moon. It felt as if the Gods were moaning in pain from the heavens above. The road seemed to be a path to another world. I ran harder. I could feel my limbs tire and exhaust. I was struggling for oxygen. I felt all my desires, ambitions, complaints, griviences drown in the terror. I wanted to scream but I had lost my voice. "Help"! Finally my body refused to obey my brain. I stopped. Almost tumbled over on the road. Out of instinct I turned behind.

No one was there!

No one?! But what was I running from? No one, or maybe..

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