Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whats up?

Yeah, so the sensex is going below 10K, IT companies are laying off, Raj Thakarey is throwing tantrums again, Diwali's up next week etc etc. but nothing's really interesting! Are we moving too fast? So fast that we're loosing the taste of events? Blah!
The one thing I think about the most these days is a stress ball. I'm not stressed, nah not a bit, but somehow I want that stress ball, desparetly! Why? No clue, its just an obsession I guess!
Things I want to do now would include a kadai paneer pizza from Pizzahut, a bed with a white bedsheet, Discovery channel playing A Haunted house, and a good night's sleep. Damn I can't believe its so possible! I want somethings thats possible, not only possible but easisly possible! Blah blah blah! Where am I?

1 comment:

Kris said...

i'm listening to keane, and there's nothing else i'd rather be doing right now.

search on youtube: "the sun ain't gonna shine", "bend and break", "snowed under", "can't stop now", "this is the last time", "we might as well be strangers", "somewhere only we know". lovely.