Thursday, November 27, 2008

:) :| :(

Sometimes I really wonder if I'm becoming what I'm not. There are several changes in me. I cannot say if they're good or not. Whatever! What's bothering me is that will be happy wearing a mask? How long? Am I wearing a mask? Why am I doing so? Where am I? I'm confused and that makes me feel better because I've always been confused!

Anyways the changes that I have noticed in myself are (in the most significant to less significant order) :

1) I have put on weight. :)
2) I don't abuse or curse now. :
3) I bitch a little less. :
4) I often feel matured and responsible. :(
5) I paint very little. :(
6) I blog very little. :(
7) I eat more. :(

My analytical skills have become sharp after a few months of "corporate"!

:) Good
: Dunno
:( Bad


Kris said...

your job has made you stop abusing? wow!!!

i never really felt any emotion when abusing till i got a job :D

Meghna said...

Its not the job honey its beyond that!!

tweety said...

@Meghna - I know I know :D