Monday, January 12, 2009

The Flute

My hands fumbled.
The room was locked. They tried to break through the slightest of hope. There was panic, havock and confusion. It was getting dark. They banged into one another several times and hurt themselves in the panic. Some kneeled down and screamt aloud. The black ones fought hard. They destroyed anyone who came their way. The pink ones cornered themselves and wept. All of them banged the walls with all the force they had. No escape. As the clock ticked they got stronger. As the clock ticked they increased in number. The faster they increased the more chocked they felt. The green ones piggybacked on the black ones and tried to break the doors. The blue and the white ones teamed together and tried to calm the rest down. There was murder, there was birth but there was no escape. The drums played loud and bold. Flute seeped in from the keyholes. They melted in the sound of the flute.
I signed in to my blog and all the doors opened. They flowed out in a harmony with ease and grace.
My thoughts finally flowed out.

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Khyati said...

I loved this one :)