Friday, January 9, 2009

Happiness->Satisfaction && Satisfaction->Happiness

I asked myself a question today. When will I be happy? The obvious answer seemed when I'm satisfied. I asked myself another quetion. When will I be satisfied? When I'm happy! It's like the chick came first or the hen situation!
It feels amazing to see people whom you've known become someone! It's good to see their struggle reach the pinnacle. It feels good to see happiness and satisfaction in them.
Am I losing the spark? Am I getting old in my head? Is the magic in me fading? Is this it? I vividly remember discussing future plans with buddies at college. Most seem to be coming true. Yet all good. The strange part is that I don't remember what my plans were. That portion seems to be erased from my head. Why? What did I want to do? Am I doing that? If not, why? What is good in me? Is it good enough? Is this what I wanted as a bright eyed young kid with a sky full of dreams? I just don't remember. Is life sucking the life out of me? Is my world narrowing down to nothing? What do I want to do? Jesus! I just don't know!


Sneha said...

Itna soch mat!Main hoon na.. :)

Kris said...

there are two sorts of happiness...the sort that you get by achieving your goals and the sort that you get by living each moment to the fullest. we start off aiming for the former, but probably realise (consciously or subconsciously) that the latter is as good, if not better.

don't worry, you're still on the right track :)

lukwhostalking said...

@Kris:thats an interesting insight.
But maybe having a goal makes the journey and each moment on the way more interesting and complete.
The "living each moment" life starts to seem empty and directionless (to me) in the absence of a goal.

lukwhostalking said...

@meghna: Steve Jobs@Stanford this is what i go back to whenever im lost. Doesn't give me a direction but a feeling that its ok to be lost and that being lost is a step short of finding what u love.

Nikhil said...

Why did you use '&&' instead of a single &? Is it related to any programming language syntax?

And I 'dare' to disagree
Satisfaction->Happiness but Happiness does not necessarily -> Satisfaction.
and I cant explain this.

Meghna said...

Guys I adore all of you for being there!! :) cheers!

@ kris & ishan : I think both kinds of happiness are equally imp guys..happiness is an encapsulation over these two achievements, living the moment n gettin closer to your goal :)

@ sneha muaah :)

@nikhil: You possibly cannot be happy till u r satisfied..maybe satisfied only for one particular ascept which is making you happy :)
Yes, && is a programming syntax :)

Nikhil said...

@meghna, I am happy but not satisfied with ur explanation :)