Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy To Be At Work!

The sun shone with a loud, happy laughter filled with energy. A usual morning with it's most unusual pride and spirit geared up. When I woke up, the ladies had already painted the mesmerizing rangoli with white powder outside their homes. The geometric designs with perfect symmetry managed to steal my attention as always! I looked around to find people bustling with energy to get to work. A kid in the opposite balcony, with half closed eyes, sleepily brushed his teeth. He looked cute!

The roads were buzzing with corporate workers with their i-cards around their necks in pride. Vehicles crawled all over the place hurriedly. I waited for mine. The usual beep at the office entrance and my favorite coffee machine were ready as usual to greet me. The busy passages, the intellectual conversations, the elite appearences, all was just right.

"Everything is in place", I thought to myself. Silently, I said a prayer, "It feels good to be at work!"

P.S. : This space deserved a happy post after all the weeping and 'tear-shedding'.

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