Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That's Not Good Enough!

I sat nervously after letting my heart out before them. They all stared at me in disbelief! Peter looked angry while the rest of them drowned me in the disappointment that flowed out of their eyes. I wanted to scream in agony.

Peter broke the silence, "This can't be it, are you out of your brains!". I simply stared into nowhere. I was feeling something inside that I couldn't express in words. I wanted to be trusted. Sameera spoke next, "Look, I think you should reconsider this stupid decision! It's kind of ridiculous!". I could feel something within me crumble to pieces. I thought Sameera would understand me. "I would have never done this, how could you even think of doing such a thing!", Merlin continued.

I swallowed despair. I wanted to weep bitterly but I didn't. Not before them. Maybe when the darkness of the night synchronizes with the black within me I would allow the tears to run down. I felt a thousand knives cut my soul and the warm red flow warmer in my head. I could feel a part of me fighting to surface while I broke my finger nails to pull it back with all my aggression. I could feel a part of me fall on the floor with a loud sound and open eyes that looked dead. I could feel a part of me pleading to be trusted while another part refused to ever be awaken by love or hatered again.

A razor sharp tear sliced its way out of my jail and went tearing my cheek all the way.


Gagan said...

Hey I know a lot of things are going on in your head these days, sadly most of them are not so pleasant as it seems. Cheer up girl for you know things 'will' get better soon.

As they say: "Tough times never last, tough people do"... Cliche, but so true :)

lukwhostalking said...

its amazing how u can paint pictures with your words.