Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Rained Last Night!

One of the few things that never fails to make me feel good is rainfall! I have a strange relationship with the rains! I feel like an incarnated form of rains! It's a feeling of a gorgeous reunion of two souls after bearing the brunt of three ruthless seasons of seperation!! It's like our souls swirling around one another while the clouds thunder in applause and the world sways in a merry celebration on a high note!!

It's a strange thing that I am named after something that I am so fond of!! Anyways, enough funda, lets make it list of 10 things I like about the rains :

1) The touch of the wind.
2) The smell of the soil.
3) The breezy dance of the Gods!
4) The touch of tiny droplets of nector on my open palms.
5) The sound of raindrops hitting the ground.
6) The chill in the atomsphere.
7) Heads sccoping as a surrender to tinnie drops of nothing but water! (Worth noticing!)
8) The realization of the existance of something/someone more powerful than us!
9) Drawing shapes from the water droplets collected on the window railings in the morning! The best kind of art I indulge in!!
10) Watching a freshly washed Earth!

Thank You God for making it rain yesterday night! :-)


Sneha said...

I know why you were named Meghna? Should I tell the story? :P

Naveen said...

Hey, its amazing how easily you express those tiny emotions and feelings which we experience so often but hardly realize! And yea I do agree with you, rainy days makes your thoughts clear and free flowing, love just happens and everything around you does indeed seem more beautiful than ever!

Aniket said...

I used to hate rains as a kid.
Coz that meant no cricket, as the ground used to get too damp.

Then I started liking football ;-)
(Its all the more fun, when its raining. "Daag achche hain" :D :D)

And love rains and me, lived happily ever after. lol

Now, I love to drive on my bike, when its raining... and for most of the reasons you mentioned too! :D