Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Readers Choice ( II )

Well, I owe you guys an apology for the late post, but it's time I write something for my readers! I'll go with 25 things about myself which others don't know about! The rest of the suggestions will follow! I doubt I can recall 25 at a go so I'll stick to 10 and add to the list later if I remember any further.

Well, so here goes.
1) As a child I hated eating food because I was too busy exploring the rest! I've eaten pencils ( with the lead inside) , erasers, sand, shells, wall paint, chalks and paper! I like the taste of sand the best among all!

2) I was ( am ) terrible with geography and directions. I often asked my sister whether the Sun was inside Earth or Earth inside Sun. After she explained the entire solar system I would smartly say " No, I know all this, but you didn't answer my question, the Sun is in the Earth or Earth is in the Sun?"!

3) We had a subject PT ( Physical Education ) in which I failed in the 7th grade . My parents met the teacher. The next term I scored the highest in it!

4) I have never, I repeat, never been beaten by my dad.

5) There are a few more failures tagged to me. I hated drawing. My parents made me attend drawing classes because my sister excelled at it. I gave my Elementary exam in drawing and passed with a 'C' grade. After that I successfully failed in the Intermediate exam! Well, that's more of an achievement than a failure! :-p Now, I often paint abstract stuff, which, from my eyes has a lot of meaning to it!

6) I love to get filthy at times! My mom believes I was a piglet in my last birth! I love muddy roads that monsoons bring along with them! This doesn't hold true when I am wearing something new!

7) In school I was a super shy kid, diploma college made me mad, degree taught me how to enjoy life! There are a lot more things I learnt in my degree college beyond C++! I'll have to write a special post for that!

8) The first night I spent alone and away from home (at the age of 23!) I cried like a baby! I hated that feeling. I felt as if I would never be alright! Today I am glad I was wrong!

9) If you ask me my favorite color, actor, song I'll never be able to answer you confidently! Surprisingly it's never constant for me. I find it strange when people can like something constantly all their lives! I've found a way out of the embarrassment, I say "My recent favorite is ... ".

10) I never tip the ladies who give me a haircut. I feel awkward to do so and I fail to understand why!

Well, ain't I interesting? :-)


Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are amazing. I think it is very true for every ones life. I believed I was also spend my childhood with these super natural things. Thanks for posting this cool article.

Aniket said...

Differential diagnosis time:

1. My brother used to eat all that stuff. And then my parents got biscuits called 'Threptin' for him... apparently its a cure to make kids not eat dirt. I ate that and he still ate dirt. lolz

2. Thankfully am not that bad, I just asked Gagan if Maharashtra comes above or below Madhya Pradesh and he gave me an evil stare.

3. :-) :-)

4. Me neither, nor by my mom for that matter... brother, yeah... a LOT!

5. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder now doesn't it? :D

6. to 9. Met a few girls like that. :-)

10. Never been there, not done that. :D

krist0ph3r said...

what happened to the remaining 15?

oh and i'm sure you can find more interesting things about yourself.

read mine again if you need inspiration :)