Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today a friend of mine questioned me "Honestly what do you mean by being romantic?"

Interesting. I guess I've always known what it means without ever having to try to know what it is to be romantic. However, I thought it would be nice to analyze what my own subconscious understanding of "romance" is.

The first step to understanding anything is googling it and that is exactly what I did.

I found a lot of definitions stating ideas like "fanciful" , "imaginary", "red roses"(!!!!) , extra-ordinary", "The group of languages derived from Latin" (??!??!?!) , "A relationship between two lovers" etc. etc.

Honestly, I don't agree with any of the above! In fact, I think some of them are ridiculous! So, what is romance?

Well, romance is a form of energy! It is a spark that can give meaning to your life. It is the feeling that will make you want to sing. It is the feeling that will make you want to celebrate more often. It is the feeling that will make you want to stay happy. It is a feeling that will make you smile when you think about it. It's an excuse to enjoy life. It's a form of enthusiasm.

As I told my friend "Its not a well defined term!". If you know what it is, every object around you will seem to have a story, if not these objects will be simply objects! This reminds me of yet an another conversation I witnessed :

A and B talking.
A : "Aww, you're missing her!"
B (laughs) : "Actually, it's been only a week since she has gone!"
A: "It's been a week!!!!"
B (sounding sarcastic) : "Yeah, its been a week! What am I going to do!"



Gandalf said...

Have you noticed that your definition of romance also applies to passion? The passion that drives entrepreneurs to constantly innovate, risk everything they have and achieve their goals.

It's not an excuse to enjoy life. It's a way of life.

BTW, I am dead, aren't I?

Meghna said...

:D no comments!

Its me, I am back said...

@Gandalf: Yes you are totally dead.

Meghs, nice blog :)

Its me yet again said...

Read this blog again after a year, feels good :)