Monday, September 7, 2009

A Book Friend

I realized how badly I need a "book friend". Somehow, I don't really have someone who shares the same level of intellectuality and broadness of thought, enough to share my experiences of reading a book. I so need a book friend. A person who won't think I'm wierd when I discuss philosophy, or that I'm childish when I discuss something funny, or that I'm an emotional fool when I discuss a love story, or that I'm spoilt when I discuss an erotic composition!

I need a book friend! :-(


Sankalp Shere said...

don't know whether our book-tastes match or not. but I like talking about books I read..

Meghna said...

It's blocked from office :(

Vishwajeet Dangat said...

Put up a list of books you like and your readers could discuss it with you..

Nikhil said...

or u can post a book reviews of the books u read. and ppl wud post wht they think of the buks or similar books on the same subjects.
and i m weird,childish,emotionl fool and spoilt too.