Monday, September 7, 2009


I had a couple of topics to post on in mind but everything has evaporated as of now!! The only thing I'm feeling is a sense of wow! I mean it's so damn wow man!! :-)

Just received a call from a very old pal of mine. She's getting married early next year! In many ways this might sound like a normal thing to you but trust me, in more than many ways it's a wow thing to happen! Not many would know the reasons!

Phew! I'm literally scared to receive calls from friends these days. One never know when THE news might pop out! Around two weeks back I was in a similar situation where another friend of mine called to say she is getting married! :D Then I was like oh-my-god! I couldn't digest that like for a week or so and now here I am wondering when I'll seep this idea in!

However, in spite of all the wowing, heartiiieeessstt congratulations to both of you! You both are extremely lovely people and have made many beautiful changes in my life! :-)

Yeeeeyiii!! :-)

P.S. : Dear reader, please excuse any childishness in the above post as it is written in super excitement!! Also, if you've ever related to or enjoyed reading any of my posts ever, do say a tiny silent prayer fro these two lovely people who are about to enter a new world. May their world be filled with joy, love and some more love :-) Amen!

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