Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Look!

Wow! I'm proud of the new, young, energetic look I managed to give my blog! Isn't it nice?
The best thing is the fish tank! I have ten fishes in my tank. I've named them. Here are the names :
1) DJ
2) MJ
3) Jimmy
4) Loy
5) Toy
6) Tinky
7) Princy
8) Ella
9) Jeff
10) Shri

:-) nice na?

Please do feed my fish when you visit my blog. You can do that by simply clicking in the water. I'm sure they will like you if you feed them :p


Sneha said...

I fed your fish. Very nice pic btw :D

Sneha said...

Btw I like to put all the food at one area so that all fishes come together,fight and then eat :P I am so cruel :D

Meghna said...

Heya thanks for feeding my hungry fishy:)

U knw I like to do that as well :P btw you can also try scattering all the food and see them panic and run around, sorry, swim around frantically!! :D they're cute fishy :)

Siddhesh said...

YEp Nice one!

Meghna said...

thanks buddy :)