Monday, September 14, 2009


While I lay awake in the darkness yesterday, pondering over tidbits of nothing, something struck my mind. It was the realization of what soulmates are!

If you don't believe in love or God or 'foreverness' or soulmates don't bother to read further, however, I know if you've come so far you will go further :) so come along.

All your life you will interact with zillions of people! You will like some, you will hate some. What decides whether you like a person or not? It's your body. It's your five senses. You like a person if you like to listen to what he says, see him , touch him, okay I will not go into smell and taste :P The point is that all your friends, colleagues, neighbours, classmates are judged by these five senses. According to what these senses tell you, you'll like or dislike a person. A soulmate however, is beyond the judgement of the body. A soulmate may not appeal to your senses but you will always crave for the presence of that soul. That soul will complete you, put to at peace with yourself! That one sole will nullify all your weakness and together the two of you will become God himself!

That was my theory of it. I went through some more theories from possibly wiser people. I was amazed at the idea of it.

Any other interpretations, theories, suggestions are very welcome!


You Know who said...

My score was 70, yours was 60 :P

Meghna said...

60 is good enough for me me

:P :P