Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Ugly Little Adorable Rat

"Look there it is nibbling away on something it picked up from the trash! Yuck!"
"Oh please, it looks adorable taking those super tiny bites!"
"Actually it does!"
"Shh shh! Lower your voice, you'll scare it away!"

They hid themselves behind the wall and watched me as if they were the rats and I was human!

"It's cute na?"

Ok enough! They're craving for my attention so they better get their share of it.

"'s looking at us!"
"Ratty ratty come here ratty! Good ratty!"

I'm in no mood of entertaining them any more!

"Shit it's running away!!"
"Come back Ratty, come back!!"


the masked one said...

a simple post abt rats ;)
interesting :)

Sankalp Shere said...

hehe.. good one..
Too many rats in Hyderabad? :P

BTW you have been tagged. Would like to hear your response :)