Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seven Things People Dont Know About Me!

Since I've been tagged by Sankalp here comes my post :

1) As a kid I was shy, afraid and never dreamed of breaking any rules. Only when I came to degree college I realized that I don't really believe in what I abide by. That was when I started breaking them all.

2) Titanic was the first romantic movie I watched after I started knowing/realizing about what love is. Of course the definition changed over several times since then. However, I clearly remember replaying each scene of the movie over and over again in my mind when I lay in my bed before sleeping.

3) I have never told my parents how much I adore them. I don't listen to everything they tell me, but I deeply appreciate their upbringing and I believe that my mom is the best mom in this world!

4) I learnt swimming when I was in school. I did a fair job but drowned in my swimming exam! Till date I do not know whether I can swim or not.

5) I cannot balance two wheelers. I cannot ride a bicycle even today!

6) There are two things I really enjoy doing. First is talking! I get extremely upset if I am talking about something and I am interrupted. Second is looking pretty. I love to dress well and try different styles of clothes! If I have the money I'll do a world tour and shop like crazy!

7) Even in everyday life, I keep looking for he connections between random, insignificant events. For eg. if I am thinking of a potential problem and simply turn my head and see a God/Goddess's picture I believe that it will not happen! If I miss a bus I start looking around for the reason of why I missed it! There is this random world of mine where things which are meaningless otherwise get a deep meaning to them! :P


Sankalp Shere said...

1st: Bacchi bighad gayi VJTI mein aa ke :P

4th: thats funny. Why didn't you try again?

7th: Hmmm.. reminds me of 'Butterfly Effect' the movie.

Siddhesh said...

@Sankalp: abt the 1st, tere jaise ladake jis colg me hai vaha kya hoga :P :P

@meghna: Abt 5th: Same here :(

Sankalp Shere said...

@siddhesh: mein to sidha-sadha baccha tha VJTI mein :P

Meghna said...