Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is this an omen?

It's been a long time since I blogged. Lots of activity happening in life, lots more to come! Suddenly I feel like learning to play the guitar all over again! Suddenly I feel like visiting Mahablshwar again. Suddenly all experiences have a new feeling to them. Suddenly life is moving too fast, suddenly there are too many stars to watch in the sky, too many songs to catch up on, too many things to pray for!

Is this an omen? I think luck is by my side! Touch wood!


Aine said...

Souinds like a wonderful omen! Enjoy each moment. I hope you never forget this feeling!

Praj ~ said...

Hey. I guess, you don't know me. I read your blog bcoz I find some similar things/posts in my blog ( and yours... This post just proves the same :)

Keep blogging.. frequently.. :)

Siddhesh said...

Kuch to hua hai.. Kuch ho gaya hai ;)

Sankalp Shere said...

yaah right, kuch to hua hain.. :)

Enjoy every moment Meghna..