Friday, March 19, 2010

Confessions Of A Girl About To Get Married!

In case you've ever wondered how/what a girl-about-to-get-married thinks I'll allow you to sneak into my brain like I always have! :)

1) Yes, it is true. I have already decided the color scheme of the entire home that I don't even own yet! (smile)(happy)(smile)
2) I do not any any butterflies in my stomach, no nervous moments, I am so sure that this is what I want! (kaala tika on me for avoiding buri nazar of people)
3) Yes, I do get tiny, almost invisible tears thinking about going away from my parents! I totally adore them.
4) I feel a lot more peaceful from within, like the sun with half open eyes during the sunset.(I don't really know if my partner feels the same!:P )
5) I do enjoy delegating some of my work like booking tatkaal tickets (:P) to my partner but I also enjoy helping him out with his work.
6) I do feel scared of becoming old faster now!(phew)
7) I do feel shy to tell people that I'm getting married :P
8) I feel like dancing.

Will keep adding to the post I guess!


Nikhil said...
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Nikhil said...

congrats!!(if u r engaged)
for 6th point.. LOL :P

Siddhesh said...

Abt 7th one: tu aur shy? lol

Sankalp Shere said...

Heartiest congratulations Meghna!!

May you get a home of your choice
and the colors that you like! :)