Saturday, March 8, 2008


A break for a few weeks can work miracles. Recently, with nothing better to do, I have been studying my habits of decision making. The bad news is I absolutely suck at taking the right decisions. The good news is that now I know I suck at taking good decisions. In the last six months I have made some of the most pathetic decisions, both, professionally and personally. I've been chasing shadows and mocking at real oppertunities! I've been overly ambitious with a zero effort in making it come true. I was underemployed, not because I didn't have the skills, not because I didn't look at the right places, not because I couldn't crack them, but only because I kicked them aside! After getting recruited at the firm I worked for I had two job offers, I was selected in both, both more challenging and more fun but I rejected both. Why? Because I was blinded and because I am a fool by birth. No, I'm serious. Whenever (if at all) I've taken a wise decision it's taken a lot of hard work and contemplation, actually, naturally, I am a fool. That was the professional screw up. At the personal level I was no better! Some of the worse decisions of my life again. I trusted the wrong people. Listened to worse people. I had friends constantly warning me but alas!

However, there's a hidden treasure in all this dirt. I take my own decisions atleast. It's a big thing for me. I'm the overprotected types. I've always been safe under the family shell, scared to take my own decisions. I'm glad I'm headed somewhere. Life is just a game. Sometimes you win, else you learn. Works for me. My absolute funda of life is, go goof up as many times you want to, no one cares as long as you stand responsible for it.

You make a mistake, you pay the price, everyone's happy, you are wise!

P.S : I learnt 2 new things recently:
1) Drinking too much water can kill you.
2) "Don't try too hard". Certain things/issues take time.

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Siddhesh said...

You are not the only person to realise that:)
Remember, its never too late to correct urself...